Luxury swimwear for men


Why did we launch l’étale? To rid the world of budgie smugglers, saggy board shorts and garish prints - need we say more? Our aim is simple; create stylish, flattering swimming trunks that will stand the test of time.
— Jemima & Edouard Boost - founders of l’étale

about us

With a background in advertising, Edouard is the creative force behind l’étale and the designer of the trunks. Having grown up in the village of La Clusaz in the Haute Savoie, his roots very firmly lie in France and it is there, under his favourite mountain l’étale, that his prints come to life. Inspired by the French way of living that exudes ‘joie de vivre’, Edouard’s designs take on a light-hearted cheerfulness that he hopes his customers will feel when they wear their trunks. 

Jemima is a lifestyle journalist, who has spent the last six years writing for London-based magazines. During her time at these publications, Jemima saw just how much the UK has to offer in terms of talented artisans and makers, and it is because of this that the duo decided to manufacture their swimming trunks at a factory in Dorset.


designed to last

We have meticulously sourced every element of the trunks to ensure they are of the highest quality and designed to flatter any shape. Our cloth has been specifically chosen for its comfort and durability, quick drying and soft feel. 

We use a mill that’s been producing textiles since the 30’s and supplies many of the world’s leading luxury swimwear brands.

The design includes two eyelets at the back of the trunks to let water flow out easily, avoid billowing and enable quick drying. Two side pockets and a zipped back pocket will keep your valuables safe, and a smart drawstring waist will prevent any embarrassing situations as you slope out of the water. As the finishing touch, our engraved aglets are branded with the company logo. 

made in UK

Our factory in Dorset has been manufacturing swimwear since the 80’s, in fact some of its tailors have been there ever since.

When its biggest client took its work out of the UK, the factory faced closure but the workers have managed to keep it going. Now it is thriving and prides itself on offering more than just a ‘cut, make and trim’ service.

The tailors hand sew every pair of trunks and won’t let them leave the building until they’re 100% happy with them.

We are so proud of our manufacturing that we hold the Made in Britain marque, allowing everyone around the world to identify our British-made products.