colour yourself in luxury

We want to create stylish, fun and colourful swimwear that will stand the test of time.
— Edouard and Jemima Boost - co-founders
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about us

l’etale swimwear epitomises the Mediterranean way of life; drawing inspiration from its people's style, attitudes and joie de vivre.  l’etale was founded by husband and wife Edouard and Jemima Boost, and named after the mountain in the Haute Savoir under which Edouard grew up. Not only does it mean ‘calm water’ (just how we like it),  but it is also under her peak that Edouard’s designs come to life. 

designed to last

We have meticulously sourced every element of your trunks to ensure they are of the highest quality, comfortable and designed to flatter any shape. 

Like us, our trunks are made in Europe. Our factory is in Porto, famous not just for its after-dinner drink but also being the global heartland of men’s swimwear. We use a mill just down the road from the factory, that’s been producing textiles since the 1930’s and supplies many of the world’s leading luxury swimming trunk brands. Our cloth has been specifically chosen for its durability, quick drying and soft feel. 

The trunk pattern includes two eyelets at the back of the trunks to let water flow out easily, avoid billowing and enable quick drying. Two side pockets and a zipped back pocket will keep your valuables safe, and a smart drawstring waist will prevent any embarrassing situations as you slope out of the water. As the finishing touch, we can package the trunks in a beautiful gift-box, which we never tire of seeing unwrapped.