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The Cuban Brothers Collaboration

Jemima BoostComment

20 years ago Pope John Paul II visited Cuba and Bill Clinton decided to ease restrictions on the home of salsa, rumba and good times. It was in this same magical year that The Cuban Brothers materialised in the basement of a late night bar in Edinburgh and immediately changed the club scene for good.


From these humble beginnings, Miguel Mantovani, Archerio Mantovani and Kengo San have built Los Hermanos Cubanos into a legendary outfit. And over the last 20 years they have toured the globe, gracing parties of everyone from Elton John to Richard Branson and Jack Daniel’s master distiller (he wasn’t so happy…).

It was therefore with great pleasure that last year we started speaking with The Brothers about celebrating this momentous anniversary with a swim short collaboration.

L etale 180803_01.jpg

We started by talking about all the imagery that represents the band, their style and the joy they bring. After batting around a few ideas, some a bit more out there than we expected, we settled on building on the classic 90s print (remember the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?). Once we had that starting point we then talked about what objects and ideas would make these swim shorts the best celebration possible. And after a bit more adding, taking away and moving around, we were all happy. Yes Friends! 

The print reflects their nineties Hip Hop vibe, mixing palm trees, Cuban cars and vinyls with motifs such as the swan (if you know the Brothers you’ll know what we’re talking about) and of course hearts, for their new single I Hate Hate on their latest Compilation La Familia.

We’re so happy with this collaboration and hope you like them too. Peace!