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Swimming shorts, swim shorts, swimming trunks, boardies, beach trunks - whatever you call them, this time of year, there is no escaping the inevitable paparazzi shots of the good the bad and the ugly of them. From poor David Cameron in his Orlebar Browns to the cast of The Only Way is Essex's extraordinary half thong, these are the pictures that none of us can shake from our memories... 

1. The Man Thong

Let's start with the worst, then things can only get better. In 2014 The Only Way is Essex Stars Bobby Cole Norris and Harry Debridge showed the world that less really is more by strutting around Marbella in what should really be described as a sock. The half thong covers only one thing to create, practically, a full-body tan; the wearer switches sides regularly to ensure even line.  Click through to see what this tiny piece of swimwear looks like

2.  Daniel Craig puts Orlebar Brown on the map

Ok, so it's not a paparazzi shot but it has to be one of the most talked-about swimwear image in recent history. Daniel Craig as James Bond sauntering out of the water in his tight, light blue trunks put Orlebar Brown's swimming trunks on the map for all the right reasons and marked Daniel Craig as a sex symbol. Although some thought the scene was an homage to Ursula Andress, Craig told The Telegraph "It was actually by accident," he said. "Where we filmed, off the Bahamas, it's just one of those places where there is a sand shelf and the sand shelf happens to be three feet deep. Because the idea was, I was supposed to swim in and sort of float off, but I swim in and stand up. And it was just one of those things."

Will he turn into a frog?

Prince Charles on Cottesloe Beach, 1979

3. Kissing a Prince

Nowadays images of the Royal family in their togs are very unlikely to appear in the British press due to strict privacy regulations, but back in 1979 when a young lady stole a kiss from Prince Charles on Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia, there were no such rules in place and the image graced the cover of almost every publication in the Commonwealth.

Robert Redford and Barbara Striesand in The Way We Were (image from Pinterest)

Robert Redford and Barbara Striesand in The Way We Were (image from Pinterest)

4. The way he was

It's hard to choose just one of Robert Redford's beach styles in The Way We Were. We wish we could pull of the flared jeans, bare chest look with such gusto, or the chunky-knit polo neck, and as for his tilted cowboy hat/fedora... But as we are focussing on the swimwear this time, the winning #ootd has to be his white tennis shorts. 

5A Prime Minister's Holiday

I wonder how PM Theresa May would respond to the same style of images of her in her swimming costume on holiday? Poor old David Cameron got a lot of stick last summer as he holidayed in Corsica with his family and was snapped without his six-pack in his swimming trunks.