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christmas present ideas for him

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Despite how easy-going they may claim to be, men are notoriously tough to buy Christmas presents for. But with our fail-safe Christmas gift guide, you can't go wrong this December.

l'étale swimming trunks

1. l'étale swimming trunks

Ok, we know how this looks, but we couldn't possibly advise you on what to buy the men in your life if we didn't include our own fabulous swimming trunks. Quick plug: they make a fantastic Christmas present, come in a very sleek gift box and postage is free all over Europe. Plus, the lovely brushed cotton feel of our swim shorts is unlike any other you'll find on the market. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

2. Anything from Aesop

Aesop's effortlessly-cool packaging makes any bathroom look like Soho House instantly. The Australian skin, hair and body products are ideal as a gift; they all smell incredible, are plant-based and unisex so you'll benefit from the treats too. One of my favourite thing to pop in my husband's stocking is Aesop's Post-Poo Drops - mostly because they make me laugh, but also because they actually work! 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

3. Kitchen gadgets

Another cunning present idea that everyone can benefit from. A flaming torch will see you gorging on crème brûlée for weeks to come and, if you're forever searching for the perfect Sunday roast, slip a little meat thermometer in his stocking, Heston's 5 in 1 Digital Thermometer is a good option (John Lewis, £45). 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

4. A watch

From vintage timepieces to contemporary designs, a watch is a timeless necessity in every man's wardrobe. In the past few years there has been a surge of new watch brands reimagining the classic design of pieces handed down through generations and making them relevant for today. One of our favourites is Larsson & Jennings, which has three collections full of desirable watches. Another fun option is INSTRMENT's pieces, which come dismantled - perfect for when there is a little lull in festivities on Christmas Day. Available from The Conran Shop. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

5. Sunglasses

Whether you're heading to the Caribbean on Boxing Day or wanting to hide red eyes on New Year's Day, a pair of sunglasses to shield the peepers is a fantastic present. The team behind new brand Monc London are real craftsmen and have created a unisex collection of glasses, the material for each pair meticulously sourced from around Europe and put together in Italy. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

6. A bicycle

Not the easiest of presents to hide, or wrap for that matter but nonetheless a showstopper. You could make your life a little easier by opting for a folding two-wheeler from Brompton Bikes, but for something with a little more oomph choose one  of the rainbow of colours from Vélosophy, a new brand which launched this year. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

7. Poker set

Crafted from vibrant African Padauk wood, this Petaca Luna poker set from Pico Pao features a poker deck of cards and poker dice, and is compact enough to transport. The Spanish company specialises in taking classic games and giving them a chic, grown-up look. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

8. John Smedley Merino Wool Jumper

The soft knitwear of John Smedley is a staple in all the men in my family's wardrobe, and a replacement each Christmas is a must. They are lovely and soft, come in a range of smart designs and ideal for travelling in, roll them up and throw them in your carry-on to wrap up against the air conditioning. 

l'etale swimwear's Christmas gift guide

9. Sonos Play 1 Speakers

The modern-day boom box. There's not a man I know who has Sonos speakers who doesn't bore on about them - sorry I mean rave interestingly about them. The wireless system operates via Bluetooth so connects to laptops, phones, tablets, are really simple to operate and travel well. 

Antony Gormley's Shared Vision 

Antony Gormley's Shared Vision 

10. A piece of art

First-edition books, limited-edition prints and contemporary art is what Peter Harrington in Fulham, London, does best. For a seriously thoughtful present pick a work of art from the likes of Antony Gormley, Peter Blake or even Pete Doherty that will last forever. A visit to the gallery and rare book library is definitely worth it but if you can't get there, check out the website for a really original Christmas present.