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the coolest hotels in the world

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When it comes to hotels there are those that are known for being the best in the world; bathrooms as big as your house, butler service, Michelin-star food, a children's club to rival Mary Poppins. But sometimes what makes a hotel stand out is more than that, take for example the the Bubbles you'll find in the woodlands of France, the igloos in Finland,  which could both be yours for a night, or more. Here at l'étale we've picked five of the most stand-out hotels in the world to feed your wanderlust. 

The world's coolest hotels

1. Attrap Rêves, near Marseille, France

Attrap Rêves, which translates literally into "dream catcher" is the most apt name for a hotel room that consists of a transparent bubble surrounded by pine woods in the French countryside. Putting a new spin on sleeping under the stars, each of the pods that make up Atrrap Rêves' hotel is reached via a private road - offering the utmost privacy. Rooms are designed depending on what mood you're in, choose from the likes of hotel cosy, romantic or for nature-lovers there's panoramic transparent walls. attrap-reves.com

Coolest hotels in the world

2. Lion Sands, South Africa

Lion Sands has four lodges in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. A location that doesn't need much topping, but if doesn't already get your wanderlust buzzing then its three tree houses (Chalkley Treehouse, Kingston Treehouse and Tinyeleti Treehouse) are sure to. This is number 1 on our bucket list. Sleep above prowling lions, elephants and zebras, and below the Milky Way in stunning bedrooms. Some are more enclosed than others, but all are seriously luxurious and beyond romantic. Four-poster beds, candle-lit storm lanterns and bathrooms with an unbeatable view, these are the only way to experience safari. lionsands.com

Coolest hotels in the world.

3. Kakslauttanen Hotel, Saariselkä, Finland

You'll have probably seen pictures of Kakslauttanen's igloos before but they just had to be included on our list. There's something rather ethereal about the glowing pods lined up in rows, floating in the surrounding snow. The hotel is open during Northern Lights season (August until the end of April). Lie back in the cosy room, which include sauna, fire place and kitchenette, and watch the starry night show. kakslauttanen.fi

Coolest hotels in the world

4. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, USA

The stark contrast of Grand Canyon landscape and ultra-modernist architecture make Amangiri one of the world's most unusual hotels. Despite its contemporary lines and luxury features, the sleek sandstone hideaway complements its surroundings and embraces Navajo culture with an extensive spa menu incorporating healing traditions and treatments. aman.com/resorts/amangiri

Coolest hotels in the world

5. Dodo's Folly at Hippo Point, Kenya

Hippo Point is an exclusive wildlife estate sitting on an isthmus between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidean. Housing more than 350 species of bird and 1,200 animals, including buffalo, giraffe, zebra, gazelle and, of course, hippo, due to its perfect microclimate. But it is the magical main house Dodo's Folly, which was build in 1932, that really stands out. The 120ft, eight-storey tower has views we'd move mountains to see. hippopointkenya.com